Holiday Jewelry Adds Sparkle to Every Seasonal Event

The holiday season brings out the sparkle in just about everything. Outside, snow shimmers on tree boughs and the icicles gleam; inside, your Christmas tree shimmers with colorful lights, tinsel, and ornaments that reflect cozy firelight, and your menorah is ablaze with lights! Even our favorite holiday foods seem to give off an extra little shine, whether it's the sugar on your sufganiyot or the icing on your gingerbread people. The extra glow over everything makes the season feel so merry and festive and delightful, whether you're hanging around your home or out at a party. On which note, parties are an especially great time to show off a little sparkle yourself by donning your favorite shiny jewelry items. But is your jewelry as bright as it could be? If you haven't had your rings, bracelets, necklaces, and earrings cleaned recently, they might not catch all the extra light as well as they could.

December is the time when many of us get gussied up with increased frequency. We make extra appointments with our hairdressers or nail techs; take our fancy clothes to the cleaners. We get our shoes shined, and even the dog gets taken to the groomer. Basically, we all try to look our best, so why not get your favorite pieces of jewelry looking their best with some much-needed jewelry cleaning in Kansas City?

Over time, jewelry gets dirty, just like anything else. You might not think about it, but that necklace you wear over your sweater accumulates dirt and grime, just like your sweater! And your rings get dirty, too. While we tend to wash our hands a lot more in the wintertime, that doesn't mean our rings stay clean; actually, soap scum can dull your jewelry the same as dirt can, and grime tends to collect under gemstones and in the crevices of your metal jewelry, preventing light from reflecting off the details as it should.

If you haven't gotten your jewelry cleaned for a while, or haven't ever had it cleaned before, there's no better time to bring in your favorite, often-worn items to Noe's. We're a full-service jewelry store, meaning we're delighted to clean your baubles, trinkets, and sparklies. Sure, you may be able to find recipes for an "all-natural, all-purpose jewelry cleaning solution" online, but the thing is… different types of gems and metals require different types of cleanings. Some gemstones are softer than others; some metals react differently than others to cleaning solutions. Really, why not just let the pros handle it? With over 100 years of experience among our staff, we know what we're doing, and we'll treat your beloved jewelry items with the best possible care and return them to you looking their very best—so you can shine as bright as everything else this holiday season!

Noe's is a Raymore, Missouri jewelry store. We're experienced jewelers who would love to clean your jewelry for you. Give us a call or come in today!