What Happens During an Engagement Ring Consultation?

We all know that the surprise proposal is a fixture of every romantic comedy, historical film, romance novel, or "chick lit" book. The man sets up some sort of elaborate scenario where he leads his lady love, on a rooftop perhaps, or during a hike, or maybe just a beautiful hotel room… and then bam! He's got the ring in a little velvet box, and it's the perfect style and size to slip on her finger and sparkle as they share a lovely kiss.

Of course, the real world is a bit more complicated! While many ladies out there have been fantastically surprised by a proposal, more and more these days, couples are enjoying sharing the process of picking out an engagement ring. Whether it's browsing an online jewelry store together, or going into your local Kansas City jeweler, couples seem to enjoy the intimacy of making sure the engagement ring they purchase is the sort of ring they want to see for a lifetime. And what better way to make sure that happens than to have an engagement consultation at Noe's!

What, you may be wondering, is an engagement consultation? Well, it's a meeting with your local jeweler about the sort of engagement ring that would be best for the bride. Some women know exactly what they want out of an engagement ring, but others aren't so sure. That's why we're here to chat! It can be a fun part of the marriage process to set up an engagement consultation. That way, you can both be sure she gets the ring she loves—and feels confident wearing.

One of the questions our engagement consultants get asked a lot of the time is, do I need insurance? We're happy to talk about why that's a great idea! We also get asked a lot of questions about durability, or the pros and cons of vintage or estate rings. Our consultants are experts in things like whether a certain style or stone will be high or low maintenance, if a certain ring will suit someone who works on the computer for a living, versus someone who works at a garden center, with her hands in the dirt! We're also happy to answer questions about resizing your grandmother's engagement band, having a stone re-set, or whether a larger or smaller stone can be put in the band of your dreams.

And, of course, if you want something customized, we're happy to do that, too—we're a full-service custom jeweler for Kansas City, so we love custom orders.

An engagement ring consultation can also save you money, since buying insurance, settling on extras, and so on and so forth all at one time is a good way to get a picture of exactly how much all this is going to cost! So come to Noe's in Kansas City today for an engagement ring consultation. It might not seem as romantic as that proposal in your favorite girl's night movie, but at the same time… you hardly ever see those romantic comedy couples a year after the big surprise, do you? Who knows, maybe the female lead would love her ring even more if she'd helped pick it out herself….

To see a beautiful selection of engagement rings in Kansas City, visit us online at Noe's Jewelry or in person at our store in Raymore, Missouri. Prices available on request.