The Top Summer Jewelry Trends of 2024

The Top Summer Jewelry Trends of 2024

Summer is almost here, and with it sunshine, vacations, and new trends! This season promises to be a fun one for jewelry lovers, with a handful of fun and fashionable trends poised to take off. This summer’s hottest looks put a seasonal twist on the year’s broader trends, introducing new elements that will get you into the beachy spirit.

Chunky Pearl Necklaces

It’s no secret that pearls have made a huge comeback in the 2020s. This summer’s trends keep them at the forefront of fashion, but make them bolder for a seasonal statement. That’s right: this summer is all about chunky pearl necklaces. Whether the pearls themselves are chunky and textured or they’re sitting on a chunky gold chain, bigger is better this summer.

Year-round, we appreciate pearls for their elegance. In the summer, we’re doubly enamored with their nautical vibes. After all, it’s easy to feel beachy keen when you’re wearing gems that come from the ocean. Pair your chunky pearls with sandals for a boardwalk stroll, or with high heels for an outdoor summer soiree.


We wear jewelry around our wrists, so why not around our ankles, too? Summer is the perfect time to indulge in some playful yet elegant fashion choices, and anklets certainly fit the bill. In these warmer months, we’ll be baring our legs in shorts, skirts and dresses. We may as well add some jewelry to those parts of the body we cover up during the fall and winter! After all, every inch of you deserves a bit of elegance.

Delicate chains and charms are all the rage this year, with permanent jewelry gaining more popularity every day. Permanent chains can be worn around the wrist, finger, neck or ankle, and this summer, many are opting for the ankle! Beads, pearl strands, and charm-studded chains are other chic options to adorn your ankles.

Anklets work best, of course, when your ankles are visible. Wear your anklets with shorts, capris, skirts or dresses and low-cut shoes that let it shine.

Bow Jewelry

No matter where you look, bows are trending. From graphic design to clothing to the traditional hair accessories, the bow is everywhere. A timeless symbol of delicate femininity, bows are a perfect fit for the Barbie era.

The graceful appeal of the bow motif can lend sophistication to a pair of worn-in jeans or add a touch of romance to an elegant ensemble. It somehow manages to be both whimsical and refined, one of those rare accessories that says something different based on what outfit you pair it with.

Fashionistas will adore the versatility and expressiveness of bow jewelry, whether it’s a bow pendant or bow stud earrings. This coveted look is perfect not only for summer, but any time of the year.

Delicate Gemstone Pendants

This trend is perfect for the girl who believes that less is more, that there is beauty in subtlety. Simple but never boring, dainty gemstone pendants come in a nearly endless variety of colors, shapes and styles, giving you plenty of ways to express yourself through your jewelry!

Lightweight, versatile gemstone pendants are the perfect pick for summer. Easily dressed up or down, these pieces are effortlessly chic. Like bows, gemstone pendants offer the wearer a way to embrace their femininity. They’re also great for stacking and layering alongside other necklaces, adding a burst of color to any curated jewelry look.

From vivid emeralds to shimmering opals, every gemstone tells a unique story. What story will you choose to tell?

Coin Necklaces

Gold coin jewelry blends historical significance, timeless luxury and aesthetic appeal. Gold coins have been worn as jewelry since ancient times, and many of today’s designs replicate the look of rugged, ancient coins or medallions. It’s undeniably a great fit for the academics and history buffs among us, but coin jewelry holds plenty of appeal for the everyday jewelry enthusiast, too.

Coins represent wealth and opulence, and gold coins especially so. Whether they’re plain or embellished, simple or bold, coin medallions give off an undeniable aura of luxury. These statement pieces are best paired with classic, understated outfits that allow the jewelry to shine through and take center stage.

Shell Jewelry

Banish the thought of ‘90s puka shell necklaces. Modern shell jewelry is all about elevating these beachy motifs. Whether it’s a classic cowrie shell like the one below or a lobster-shaped pendant, we’re willing to bet you can find it–in gold–at your local jewelry store this summer.

As with pearls, it’s impossible to look at shells and not think of the ocean, the beach, the sun, and everything else that makes summer so great. Some designs even double the summer vibes by combining shells with pearls or other delicate gemstones like turquoise to bring an added pop of color to the piece.

Many shell-themed pieces have a casual air about them, perfect when paired with white linens, shade hats or your finest flip flops. However, there are some more upmarket designs out there. Gold shell jewelry even recently featured on some runways at New York Fashion Week. So whether you’re looking for upscale stud shell earrings or a playful gold shell necklace, there’s a piece out there for you, guaranteed to make your summer a little sunnier!

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Whether you’ll be on the beach all summer or splitting your time between work and vacation, the right jewelry can make every day feel like a sunny adventure. Embrace the season and enhance your jewelry box with some of 2024’s top jewelry trends.

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